Winter's System WearFactor®

Winter Equipment's WearFactor

Winter® Equipment has been engineering outstanding, dependable products for over three decades. We feel so strongly about our quality standards that we developed our propriety WearFactor rating formula so you can easily understand what to expect from our products in terms of quality and longevity. Our WearFactor product rating system allows us to guarantee our customers' satisfaction because our team’s detailed process of data study and analysis proves our products’ outstanding quality and value. Compare some of our products’ WearFactor ratings below, then learn how we determine each products’ WearFactor rating.

Definition of WearFactor:

  • A snow plow blade’s ability to extend that blade’s overall life in comparison to the typical cutting edge provided by OEM or your traditional low-bid blades.
  • WearFactors are based off similarly constructed blades (ie. Carbide/carbide or steel/steel) and the total life you were experiencing with your previous blade compared to your new Winter Equipment complete cutting edge blade system.

Requirements for a WearFactor

  • Sold as an all-in-one system (blade, guards, hardware)
  • Certified field testimonials and case studies
  • Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Value Comparison Carbide Insert


Razor® System

Lasts 2Xs as long


Razor® XL System

Lasts 3Xs as long

Value Comparison Steel


Common Sense® System 

Lasts 2Xs as long


Patriot® System

Lasts 4Xs as long

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