Who is Winter Equipment? We are Cutting Edge.....

In Leading the Way

Winter Equipment has set the bar for snowplow wear parts and performance across the board. As a result, our cutting edge systems, plow guards, mixed with experience gives you the know-how that's complimented with unrivaled value. This has guided our goal to provide you with a return on investment, along with the best service, plus an overall easier day pushing snow.

Let's face it no one wants the hassle of always changing blades, replacing guards, or smashing their fingers. You can look to us for product info, in-season help, as well as the UNMATCHED Winter satisfaction guarantee. We are and will continue to be North America's leading manufacturer of snowplow wear parts.

In Legacy

Over 30 years in the industry
Company expansion and continued innovation
Industry leading wear part technology
Creating a company wide community and culture

In Engineering

Longer blade life with the Carbide Matrix
Segmented blade design for easier install with a built in wear indicator

In Quality

Our wear parts last up to 5 times longer
The Winter Orange is designed for easy visability and textured for better handleing
Our systems, guards and road maintenance tools fit most plows and heavy equipment
Custom engineered hardware to decrease shearing

In Customer Satisfaction

Efficent and timley shipping
Our staff is ready to help
We welcome customer feedback to help make your experience better
We'll go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction
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