RoadMaxx Underbody Carbide Insert Blade System

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The Underbody Carbide Insert Blade Solution

Roads: Rural roads, gravel roads

Speed: Low speed

Plow Type: Underbody/grader plow

Angle of Attack: 60° - 90° What's this?

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6 Reviews

Steve Elliot (Village of Liberty – Illinois)

“The Roadmaxx has been doing great for us and is still on the plow and it has been 2 years so far.”

Lenny Burnham (City of Woburn – Massachusetts)

“We ran a trial run on the RoadMaxx system. Absolutely satisfied with this for our underbelly application. Will be buying more for next season!”

Roger McGillis (Town of Royalton, Vermont)

“The RoadMaxx system does everything we need it to. When we first installed it, we were not using the curb guards. Now, we have the guards on the system and it is performing very well. Typically lasting us a season for how we use it. Works great – just ordered another one!”

Gabe Forro (Lapeer County - Michigan )

We are impressed with the blade life. We only change the RoadMaxx blades 1 time compared to 4-5 blade changes on the standard steel blades we were previously using. We also like how all of the hardware is included in the kit.

Scott Glick (Lagrange County - Indiana )

We really like the RoadMaxx System. This system has lasted a lot longer than all of the previous blades will have tried out. Some of our operators have had them on their plows for over a year and this was while plowing snow in the winter and grading roads in the summer.

Tom Anthony (Village of Mattawan, MI)

The products have been fantastic. They save us a lot of time, and a lot of money.