RAZOR® XL System
Razor XL Carbide Insert Blade System
RAZOR® XL System

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Elite Cutting Power, Long Blade Life

Increased Blade Life - System includes bullnose HammerHead™ carbide inserts and Winter® carbide matrix™-filled wear bars.
Superior Cutting - Aggressive blade cuts through hardpack and ice, leaving your roads clear and minimizes your salt usage and chemical treatment.
High Wear Protection - Two PlowGuard MAXX™ guards to defend against premature and uneven wear.

Winter Satisfaction Guarantee

Lasts 3x longer than standard ¾" x 6" carbide blades w/ steel cover. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Learn more.

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3 Reviews

Dennis Hilton (Wyoming DOT Maintenance Foreman)

Lasted 5-6x longer than original carbide and cover set-up.

Bob Pritts (West Virginia DOH District Manager)

6x longer wear life than carbide, cover, and Winter guards. Outlasted current carbide and guard set-up by at least 5x.

Rick Pro (Utah DOT Area Supervisor)

Lasting 4x longer than carbide and cover. Recently reordered 53 systems.