Razor Carbide Insert Blade System

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Reduce Downtime with this Easy to Use System

Roads: Concrete, asphalt, chip-seal roads

Speed: Low-medium speed

Plow Type: Front, one-way, wing plows

Angle of Attack: 60° - 90° What's this?

Winter Satisfaction Guarantee

Lasts 2x longer than standard ¾" x 6" carbide blades w/ steel cover. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Learn more.

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40 Reviews

Roger McGillis (Town of Royalton, Vermont)

“We have been running the Razor system on our smaller wing. We are estimating that we will receive a minimum of 2-1/2, maybe even 3 seasons out of it. We absolutely love not having to change blades in the middle of a storm anymore! Just ordered a total of FOUR more, two for our 10’ wings, and ONE more for both our front and wing plows.”

Steve Bruce (Town of Shrewsbury - Vermont)

“Tried the Razor system for the first time last season. Definitely outlasted carbide and cover setup. We have a lot of heavy crowned, dirt roads. The Razor system has held up very well. There’s barely any visible ware to the blade. We will more than likely be ordering more!”

Randy Kennedy (Town of Bridgewater - Vermont)

“We have three Razor systems. One of the three was purchased in 2012. We are still running that to this day. Very long lasting product. 90% of the roads we plow are dirt. The systems are holding up great.“

Roger McGillis (Town of Royalton, Vermont)

"We have been running the Razor system on our smaller wing. We are estimating that we will receive a minimum of 2-1/2, maybe even 3 seasons out of it. We absolutely love not having to change blades in the middle of a storm anymore! Just ordered a total of FOUR more, two for our 10’ wings, and ONE more for both our front and wing plows."

Sam Gable (Conneaut Township - Pennsylvania)

“Purchased our Razor system in September of 2011, have been running ever since. We made it through 5 seasons and will be re-ordering for this fall!”

Chase Winton (Town of Sherburne - New York)

“We feel that the system worked well. However, it is more expensive than our normal setup, carbide blade & cover. We did not track it to see how it compared to our existing setup. We feel that it lasted just as long as what we were currently using. Would consider purchasing again if the system was a little less expensive.”

Buckey Eddy (Town of Westmoreland - New York)

“We purchased this system for the front plow in 2012. We have been running since the 2012-2013 season. It is still on the plow now! Typically our roads consist of asphalt and some motopave. This system has paid for itself!“

Jake Blitz (Township of Franklin - Ohio )

Really like the razor system we never have any issues and the wear life is good.

Josh King - Road Supervisor (Township of German - Ohio )

The application cuts well for us and the wear life is good

Louie Yankovich - Head Mechanic (City of Green - Ohio )

We love the easy install feature and the great wear life we get out of them

Devan Ritenour - Parts Manager (Greene County - Ohio )

We really like the wear life that we get out of that system and I still have 9 systems on my shelves

Andy Crary - Highway Superintendent (Town of Brighton, New York )

We love the Razor system. The fact that the nuts and bolts are included is great! We have primarily all tar roads up here and are able to get at least 2 seasons out of one system. Normally, we are running through 2 sets of carbide blades in a season. The only downfall we see is the price. We are a small town with a small budget.

Anthony Domenicone - Highway Superintendent (Town of Lincoln, New York )

The best part of owning a Winter System is the ease of installation. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to install on our plows. These cutting edge systems are truly a ONE-MAN system. I installed it by myself and love the fact it didn’t take much time at all! The Razor probably has another half season left, if not more.

Bob Monteleone - Highway Department Manager (Green County, New York )

The moto-paved roads are rough on all cutting edges because it’s a mixture of oil & fine stones layered, rolled and layered again. We use Razors on our wing and front plow setups. We are getting a minimum of TWO seasons on our moto-paved roads. These blade systems are well worth it for us. They definitely last longer than standard carbide blades.

Gunner Hogan (Municipality of Murrysville - Pennsylvania)

“Awesome installation process. Performing better than carbide & cover, still receiving more wear on the center of the blade than I would like. However, I am going to purchase another straight guard this upcoming season to see how it helps reduce wear.”

Tom Trotter (Taney County - Missouri )

We like that the Razor system is very easy to install. The wear life thus far as well has been very good compared to the carbide and cover we had been running.

Mark Becker (Andover City - Minnesota )

We really like the Razor System and it is working great for us. We really like that the clover blade that is welded to the front and run this system on our Wings and Front plows.

Bart Schnulle- Road Department Hwy Commissioner (Township of Alden- Illinois )

Plows very well and last a long time. I get years out of them (3-5 years on my trucks).

Jay - Mechanic (City of Edwardsville - Illinois)

Happy with the product I wouldn't change anything about. I am also happy with the shipping and delivery time.

Scott Fontanez - Road Superintendent (Village of Buffalo Grove - Illinois)

Great system. It got us on our way to product knowledge and made it easy to move up to the BBC Series

Jeff Ratliff - Foreman (City of Mattoon - Illinois )

Very dependable and it is easy to install. We have 5 of our trucks outfitted with them.

Brian Henry (Mercer County- Illinois )

We like the product and we receive good wear life from it.

Mike Casey (Village of Peoria Hts- Illinois)

Easy to install and Maintain

Rob Lamz (City of Woodstock - Illinois )

It is the go to for most of our plows. Everything in the kit makes it great and it can take a beating.

Vern (Township of Bath- Ohio )

We have had it the system on our truck for about 3years and has shown no sign of wear.

Matt Wittum (Village of Spring Grove - IL )

Wear life is great. My oldest setup has received 4 years and it's barely wearing. Sections make it easier and safer than installing 11ft steel blades.

Kevin Meyers (Village of Pleasant Prairie- Wisconsin )

This is our 3rd season with the same Razor system on our truck and it still has quite a bit of wear remaining. The Razor performs really well and we love them.

Leland Partch (Gunnison County-Colorado)

The Razor is working very well for us. It clears the roads and cuts very well. We are very happy with the performance.

Matt Carter (Sweetwater County- Wyoming )

We have converted our fleet exclusively to the Razor and like the ease of installation, durability, and longevity that we get out of them.

Thomas McAdams (Shoshone &Arapahoe Division of Transportation- WY)

Like that it lasts longer than our previous carbide blade and cover setup and that it is easy to install. We also like that it comes in 3' and 4' sections instead of full length blades.

Rich Weber (Sarpy County Highway Department- Nebraska )

We were disappointed in the Razor system we felt it should have gotten more life that what it actually did get. We really didn't get much more life out of the Razor compared to the carbide blades we ran prior to that. We just felt it should have lasted longer for the cost.

Virgil Crumley (Platte County- Nebraska )

We have had very good luck with the Razor systems we have ordered. They have worked very well and are easy to install.

Lowell Kubie (City of Blair- Nebraska )

This is a very good system that last a very long time. Very good job of cutting the snow off of the roads. We have used these systems on our lighter duty trucks and when there is ice that needs cut off the road surface.

Mark Vyhlidal (City of Fremont- Nebraska )

We are very happy with the Razor System. It has provided good performance and has lasted us 2 seasons which is unheard compared to when we ran carbide with a cover.

Neil Baquet (City of Grand Island- Nebraska)

The Razor has worked great for our operation. We absolutely love it and it is still on the plow from our original order in 2010. We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone.

Paul Younger (City of McCook- Nebraska)

We love the versatility of the Razor System. It is much easier to complete the change outs. We only use 1 guy to change a blade compared to 2 in the past. The wear on the Razor also has been very even and it is a good value for their operation

John Zerke (Park County, WY)

Dale used the Razor systems for 2 years prior to me and he really liked them. I replaced Dale and this is my first season using the Razor and I really like them a lot. John said that he believes that they are very heavy duty and last them over twice as long as our previous blades. He said he would recommend the Razor system to anyone.

Joel Scott (ICA-ONRAMP, TN)

I purchased these blades last spring to use this winter so I have no first hand as to their performance for our applications. Maybe next year. But our project uses them in Virginia and swears by them.

Byron Hathaway (Town of Rutland, VT)

The Razor System has proved to be the most cost effective system for us. When looked at as a life cycle cost, the Razor System is cheaper to own than a standard carbide set up. I plan to continue to use this system unless I find something cheaper and as good.

Scott Horne (City of Lebanon, OH)

I have a truck right now that is going on its 4th season. It will probably get another one.