Joma System

Joma System
Joma System

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Increased Blade Life – Carbide insert castings encased in rubber contours to the road clearing to the surface.
High Wear Protection – Two Joma CurbRunner® Guards protect against premature wear while allowing the blade to articulate appropriately, protecting the road surface as well.
Safe Installation & Support – Carbide backer blades promote maximum performance, and sectional blades replace dangerous full-length cutting edge.
Affordable Replacement – Joma blades, guards, and hardware are included in the replacement system.

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2 Reviews

Dennis Sonhalter (Ohio DOT Mechanic)

Really helped eliminate blade changes. Love how easy it is to change.

Jason Blevins (West Virginia DOH Equip. Manager)

Once plow is angled to 65°, balanced & calibrated, we noticed an increase of two snow seasons out of the initial Joma systems. It has a higher cost at first, but pays for itself very quickly. The mechanics' downtime drops substantially, and he is able to work on other projects around the shop. It’s a no brainer.