Common Sense
Common Sense Steel Blade System
Common Sense

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A Practical Introduction to the System Concept

Roads: Asphalt, concrete, rough city roads

Speed: Low speed

Plow Type: Front plow, Light-duty plow

Angle of Attack: 60° - 90° What's this?

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Lasts 2x longer than standard ¾" x 6" steel blades. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Learn more.

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4 Reviews

Eric Bortner (Penn Township - Pennsylvania)

“We are very pleased with all of the Winter products. We are running the CommonSense system and love it! Works great for us

Steve Didelot (City of Huron - Ohio )

We really love how the guards protect against our wear and how easy the install is.

Clint Ford-Lead Mechanic (Village of Briarcliff Manor, New York )

I can’t express how much I like Winter’s cutting edge systems. They are easier and safer to handle that a standard 10’ or 11’ steel blade. I can install a complete system by myself. The longevity over standard steel blades is the game changer for us.

Lenny Pahule (City of Chisholm- Minnesota )

We are very impressed with the Common Sense and will continue to run this system moving forward. We are on our 2nd season with this.