BlockBuster® System
BlockBuster Carbide Insert Blade System
BlockBuster® System

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Road-Friendly with Extended Blade Life

Increased Blade Life - System includes bullnose HammerHead™ carbide inserts and Winter® carbide matrix™-filled moldboard shoes.
Road Friendly - The wide blade footprint helps to minimize road damage.
High Wear Protection - Two PlowGuard MAXX™ guards to defend against uneven and premature wear, where you need it most.

Winter Satisfaction Guarantee

Lasts 4x longer than standard ¾" x 6" carbide blades w/ steel cover. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Learn more.

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25 Reviews

John Bertolino (Center Township - Pennsylvania)

“Looking forward to converting our entire fleet over to BlockBuster systems!”

Mike Mursch (City of Clairton - Pennsylvania)

“The systems are heavy duty! They were installed in 2014. Barely showing any wear. We will get a minimum of another season out of these blades. My operators love ‘em!”

Mike Corden (Township of Quemahoning - Pennsylvania)

“The BlockBuster system lasts longer than anything else we have previously used. Great wear life!”

Keith Mason (Town of Pawlet - Vermont)

“We have been beyond pleased with the BlockBuster Classic system. We have been running them on our front and wing plows since the 2014 season. We have barely any wear on them. The guys at the shop are grateful they aren’t changing blades all season long!”

Ron Tarbell (Village of Ludlow - Vermont)

“We love the BlockBuster systems. We are getting great life out of it in all applications. I even tell my neighboring towns about it. ‘Pictures of this system don’t do it justice. You have to see it in person!’ “

Bill Holvig (Town of Mohawk - New York)

“We purchased an 11’ BlockBuster system in October 2014. It has been on the truck ever since. We plow some dirt roads and it performs better than standard carbide blades. We haven’t had any issues with carbide chipping out. Good product!”

Mike Vogel (Venango Township - Pennsylvania)

“We have been running the BlockBuster system for quite some time, about 10 years. We have 3 tandem trucks with wings dedicated to 100 miles of road per truck. We are averaging 2500 miles per season, per system. The BlockBuster performs very well for us. Definitely met our expectations! Will buy more!”

Tim Moyer (Eldred Township - Pennsylvania)

“We purchased an 11’ BlockBuster Classic system with two straight guard in 2011. The system was a little pricey, but it lasted 4 seasons. I would estimate that we put anywhere from 4,000-5,000 miles on it. The product exceded our expectations. Our entire fleet is Winter cutting edge systems.”

Jason Dailey (Cranberry Township - Pennsylvania)

“We love the BlockBuster system. We plan on converting our entire fleet to this system.”

Dave Peterson (Wetmore Township - Pennsylvania)

“We have been running the BlockBuster Classic 11’ system for 3-4 seasons on the same plow. We really like the fact that we are not replacing steel blades 6-7x a season anymore. Very happy with the performance. Would recommend in a heartbeat!”

Devan Ritenour - Parts Manager (Greene County - Ohio )

We really like this system, the wide footprint keeps our roads in great shape

Chuck (Town of Newark Valley )

Star Rating Only

Al Marrale - highway Dept. Equipment Supervisor (Town of Penfield, New York )

I have been running the BlockBuster(Classic) since 2014. So far it’s been great. We haven’t had any issues with it. We have the systems setup in the front and wing of our trucks.

Bob Ralston (Township of District - Pennsylvania)

Absolutely love this system. Just got it in November 2015, We had it out for 3 days straight in a 32” storm and it shows barely any wear at all!

Anthony Domenicone - Highway Superintendent (Town of Lincoln, New York )

Systems have been on our plows since 2011. We have plenty of life left in the BlockBuster.

Bruce Shawcross- Highway Superintendent (Town of LeRay, New York )

We really like the fact that they operate better than standard carbide and cover blade, especially since they treat the state roads with sand and salt mixture, which can be hard on standard carbide blades. Both systems have been in operations since 2013-2014 winter season. Based on the wear, we are confident that we will get 4, maybe even 5 seasons out of each BlockBuster system!

Ted Freiurger (Dubuque County - Iowa )

We originally purchased 2 sets of the BlockBuster Classic and so far they are performing very well. We are very satisfied with how they are wearing

Bart Schnulle- Road Department Hwy Commissioner (Township of Alden- Illinois )

Plows very well and last a long time. I get years out of them (3-5 years on my trucks).

Zeke Nickels - Highway Commissioner (Township of Hebron - Ohio )

My roads are not in the greatest conditions and the wide footprint helps avoid tearing up the roads even more. It is better than anything I have ever had before and I will be switching my fleet over to the BlockBusters as my inventory diminishes

Scott Fontanez - Road Superintendent (Village of Buffalo Grove - Illinois)

The longevity is great. We use to switch out 4-5 blades a winter and the BB has last us 3 seasons. We also are not having guys get hurt switching out the steel blades anymore.

Biran Henry (Mercer County- Illinois )

We like the product and we receive good wear life from it.

Ben Wilson (City of Bainbridge- Ohio )

It is the only one I will buy, I would not buy anything else. I have 100miles to cover and I have got 4-5years on a set up!

Lowell Kubie (City of Blair- Nebraska )

The BlockBuster works a lot better than the Razor system it just doesn't cut as well and is not as aggressive. It is a very good product.We used to have to change blades 2-3 times a year and now we go an entire season without changing blades. (previous application carbide and cover)

Tim Speak (Dawson County- Nebraska)

I put the BlockBuster on late last winter and it is still holding up really well. We really like that it is a lot easier to install then the three 4' carbide insert blades and 12' steel cover blade that we used to run.

Dan Goeden (Milwaukee County, WI)

I've been working with Winter Equipment for just over 3 years now. We've installed their BlockBuster cutting edge on our front plows and wing plows. We've also put it on our specs now that all of our trucks come with that. It's an incredible product. We've found that it lasts way longer than the original cutting edges we've had. We're getting probably 2 years easily out of them. The drivers really like it so that they don't have to come in and exchange their blades all the time and get new cutting edges put on them.