BlockBuster® Victory
BlockBuster Victory Steel Blade System
BlockBuster® Victory

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Robust Blade that Performs Season After Season

Roads: Concrete, asphalt, chip-seal, gravel, dirt roads

Speed: Medium-high speed

Plow Type: Front, one-way, wing plows

Angle of Attack: 60° - 90° What's this?

Winter Satisfaction Guarantee

Lasts 5x longer than standard ¾" x 6" steel blades. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Learn more.

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18 Reviews

Road Supervisor (Miami Township, Ohio )

I use to go through blades like crazy. Since switching over to the Blockbuster Victory I rarely change blades now. I have them on every plow I can.

Brad Winsor (Gratiot county MI)

We use the BBV on our State routes and with your blade we can get an entire season out of it on the wing.

Lenny Burnham (City of Woburn – Massachusetts)

“By far, the best cutting edge we have ran on the front of our plows. We were able to get three and a half seasons out of this system. During the past 3 years, we had some of the worst snow in history. In the life of the blade, we had ONE broken bolt. How can we not love this thing?!”

Mark Migyano (Township of Georges - Pennsylvania)

“The Victory system is working well for us. We ran an internal test between this system and standard steel blades. We changed the steel blades 3x in one season and the Victory lasted a whole season and still running. Well worth the money!”

Steve Duck (Borough Of State College, Pennsylvania)

“We have been running our BlockBuster Victory for 2 full seasons and it looks great. We are expecting to get another season out of it. Love it!”

Ron Tarbell (Village of Ludlow - Vermont)

“We love the BlockBuster systems. We are getting great life out of it in all applications. I even tell my neighboring towns about it. ‘Pictures of this system don’t do it justice. You have to see it in person!’ “

Don Chubb (Ionia County - Michigan )

The crew really likes the ease of installation and that the BlockBuster Victory runs much smoother than any other setups we have tried. We wish they lasted a longer, but overall we like them.

Ray Welke (Gratiot County - Michigan )

We really like how the BlockBuster Victory has been wearing. It has lasted longer than anything we have tried in the past.

Sam Mcafee (City of Bluffington - Indiana )

The BlockBuster Victory is working fine and it is wearing evenly. We like it on our 1 ton plow truck.

Terry Woirol (Mason County - Michigan )

So far the BlockBuster Victory has been working well for us. We like that the shoes are molded in and that they are in blade sections. We are very happy with it.

Shane Coby (Darke County- Ohio )

The longevity is great. We have to use a bit more salt, but it's still on the truck and has been on for 2 years already.

Lenny Pahule (City of Chisholm- Minnesota )

We are very impressed with the BlockBuster Victory. We are on our 3rd season and the system has been great. It is also very manageable to install with just 1 person which is good for our operation.

Kevin Eichler (Branch County - Michigan )

The BlockBuster Victory System is the perfect system. We love them and love how we do not have to change blades throughout the year. Would recommend to anyone!

Rob Hudec (Saginaw County Michigan )

I like the BlockBuster Victory because my guys can quickly install it. It's not nearly as aggressive as what we ran before (reverse grader blade). The BlockBuster Victory has saved our operation money compared to our old set up.

Kevin Hotstetter (Sugarcreek Township, OH)

The BlockBuster Victory is the best cutting edge I've ever used. The previous cutting edge on the plow lasted 3 months. This cutting edge has been on for 3 years and is only worn down half of the way.

Mike Giles (City of Kettering, OH)

I have always been a supporter of Winter products. My operators love them, my mechanics love them, and I love them.

Ken Embry (Batavia Township, OH)

Changed to BlockBuster Victory 2 years ago. We were going through blades like crazy. Probably get 3:1 compared to when we ran standard steel.

Michael Giles (City of Kettering, OH)

No comparison. Been wrenching for 30 years, and there is nothing better for snow removal and employee satisfaction than Winter.