WinterFlex® Rubber Blades
WinterFlex Rubber Blades
WinterFlex® Rubber Blades

Not Your Grandfather's Rubber Blades:

  • Longer Life - 1 ½" X 8" or 10" Featuring: 3 layers of Grade 2 styrene-butadiene rubber, vulcanized with 2 layers of high-performance synthetic fabric sheets for extended wear, and a textured finish.
  • Eliminates Wasted Material - Unique reversible design provides two positive wear edges for maximum blade usage.
  • Angle of Attack Guide


  • 5'-9' sectional length options (ex. 2 x 6' blades for a 12' plow)
  • Punched, slotted, or unpunched options
  • For custom punches, hardware, or unlisted lengths, please call 800-294-6837

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