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What is a Winter® Equipment System?

An engineered system includes everything you need for a complete blade change. Within one crate, you will find the highest quality blades, guards, and hardware available in the industry. Our systems are designed to make installation, inventory management, and ordering easy. Our unique product designs reduce the number of blade changes per season, eliminating downtime, and saving budget dollars. Our snowplow blade systems are installed on over 2,000 front, wing, underbody, and tow plows across the United States.

Over the past 20 years we have listened to our customers. Through product research and extensive testing, Winter Equipment has engineered over 14 different snowplow blade systems. We offer rubber, steel, and carbide insert cutting edge systems with distinctive features such as built in cover blades with wear indicators, pre-welded moldboard shoes with carbide matrix, and double punched rubber. Winter Equipment has industrialized solutions for city, county, village, and DOT applications.

Blockbuster Classic
Underbody Plow

We Are Cutting Edge

Winter® Equipment has been at the forefront of snowplow blade wear part innovation for 25 years. The question Winter® Equipment has asked has always been "How can we improve the lifetime of our parts to achieve the best solution for our customers?" We have been asking for feedback about how we can better answer that question throughout the company's lifetime.

Value is in quality, and our Winter® Equipment systems are no exception. Our plow blade systems are tried and tested in the field to ensure the best possible performance. The winter months can be hectic. Our attention to detail is what reduces customer's time spent dealing with snow plow parts, and allows them to focus on more important issues.

Let Us Help You

Winter® Equipment is here for you! Our drive for customer satisfaction is what has helped to cultivate the personal relationship with each one of our customers. We'd love to field your questions about our company, products, and the snow plow industry. Knowledge is power, and we are committed to educating ourselves and others.

Improvements to the snow removal, and quality wear part industry is our greatest achievement. No award or accolade will bring us more pride than producing a great product. When you are passionate about something like we are about wear parts, spreading knowledge on the subject is like Christmas come early. Or, in our case, Christmas come right on time.

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