Joma Rubber & Carbide Insert Articulating Blade System

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The Original Articulating Blade System

Roads: Highways, concrete, asphalt, bridge joints

Speed: High speed

Plow Type: Front, one-way, wing, tow plows

Angle of Attack: 65° - 75° What's this?

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11 Reviews

Ron Schlung (Lake County, IL)

The Joma 9' wing has been amazing! It's so quiet and the driver loves it! It currently is 7 years old and has over 50,000 miles on it!!

John Osborne (Kent – Ohio)

“We have been a customer for a very long time. The JOMA system works for us. There’s not a lot of money in the budget to fix our roads, so we use it wisely and buy the best snow removal system on the market. We have been buying the Joma system since 2011.”

Steve Duck (Borough Of State College, Pennsylvania)

“We are into our second season on our Joma system. The Joma blade looks great. We are expecting at least another season out of it. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for nowadays!”

Joe Donaldson (North Woodbury Township - Pennsylvania)

“We have recently purchased two Joma systems for our front plows. The Joma system met our expectations. We would definitely recommended to our neighboring townships.”

Jason Fravel (City of Pataskala - Ohio)

"Joma is running great we are getting 3 seasons out of one set up."

Chris McGrew - Shop Superintendent (Delaware County - Ohio )

We love the system and it is lasting us as much as 4 seasons per set up.

Steven Smith - Highway Superintendent (Pickaway County- Ohio )

I love them, the first one I bought in 2010 lasted for 6 seasons! All of our county road trucks are outfitted with them.

Warren Koppenhafer (Sublette County- Wyoming )

Joma System works great as long as they are plowing on the state highways. It is very quiet and works good. We are going to continue using it.

Lisa Johnson (Douglas County- Colorado )

We like the Joma because it runs a lot smoother on the road than any blade that we have tried before. We are getting very good wear out of the Joma as well and would recommend this system.

Jerome Mullins (City of Kent, OH)

We had the Joma before and it works great, as long as the guys don’t run it into the curbs. I really like the curb guards that come with it. Overall I’m really happy with the product.

Scott Horne (City of Lebanon, OH)

We've had it one year. Bought it for the bypass. Last year the driver said it has the best cutting edge and he has plowed 15 years.