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  • Clearing the Air

    Clearing the Air 

    Welding is who we are. Blades, guards... you name it. Our proprietary weld process is what sets us apart in the industry.

    Our specialized welding team practices fusion welding, specifically electric arc; process of applying an electric arc to melt the base and filler metals. The two types of electric arc welding performed at Winter® include:

    • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) Filler metal electrode; flux shield
    • Gas Metal Arc (GMAW/MIG) consumable electrode for filler metal; external gas shield

    Improper safety procedures can lead to harmful effect to the welder and other operators on the production floor. Exposure to welding fumes can cause kidney, lung, and nervous system damage.


    Saul Soria

    Winter® Welder

    A valued team member since 2009

     Winter® has recently installed a new air recovery system that efficiently and effectively removes the harmful smoke and ambers away from the operator. The combination of fume hoods, extractor guns, and vacuum nozzles are placed appropriately (close to the source) to pull the fumes away from the operator as quickly as possible. Exhaust ports are properly located to increase safety for all manufacturing team members.

    The new air recovery system along with proper cleaning procedures, proper machine placement, and appropriate operator positioning make the manufacturing environment safe for everyone on the floor. Moving forward, Winter® will continue to invest in equipment and process that keep employees safe.


    Juan Carlos Morales

    Winter® Welder

    A valued team member since 2007

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  • Spot The Dot

    Spot the Dot

    We here at Winter Equipment always strive to have the best safety programs to keep our employees safe.

    Meet Kevin Hildebrand:


    Kevin has been an important part of Winter Equipment's safety education and upkeep. Among many other contributions to the company, Kevin helps implement all of our safety standards and programs.

    Safety Program

    One of our newest programs that we have recently implemented is called "Spot The Dot." The program is designed to keep employees aware of their surroundings and potential hazards.

    Spot The Dot consists of codes represented by the following colored "dots" :

    reddot  red (severe)

    yellow dot  yellow (needs attention right away)

    greendot green (could become a hazard)

    The colored dots will be placed in the area where there is a safety concern coordinated with the severity of the hazard. When an employee finds the dot they bring it to the safety director and explain what the problem is and how to resolve it according to OSHA standard.

    After all the steps are completed the employee is rewarded with a  prize and also a mention in our monthly employee news letter . At the end of the year whoever has the most dots collected will receive a larger prize. So far this program has worked with great success and we are getting great feedback from our employees.


    Here are a few safety tips to remember when working in an warehouse/manufacturing environment:

         Prevent slips, trips and falls

    • Report and clean up spills and leaks.
    • Keep aisles and exits clear of items.
    • Replace worn, ripped or damage flooring.

         Eliminate fire hazards

    • Keep combustible materials in the work area only in amounts needed for the job. When they are unneeded, move them to an assigned safe storage area.
    • Store quick-burning, flammable materials in designated locations away from ignition sources.
    • Avoid contaminating clothes with flammable liquids. Change clothes if contamination occurs.

    download   Avoid tracking materials

    If the materials are toxic, industrial hygiene testing, uniforms and showering facilities might be needed. Employees who work with toxic materials should not wear their work clothes home.

    Image result for storage materials signs   Store materials properly

    Unused materials and equipment should be stored out of the way of workers. Avoid using work spaces for storage and remember to put everything back in its proper place.

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