• The Weight is Over

    The Weight is Over


    During the 2015/2016 season we shipped over 4,000 system crates to customers across the United States. With each crate weighing an average of 500 pounds; we manufactured, packaged, and delivered about 2,000,000 pounds of cutting edges last season. That's equivalent to 2,000 killer whales... whoa.


    Packaging and moving these crates is no walk in the park. While our shipping teammates have been known to demonstrate super-human strength, we are aware of the effects consistent heavy lifting can have on the body.


    Our new automatic conveyor system allows operators to package systems in an easy and safe manor. The operators are able to move crates down the conveyor belt with the push of a button.

    Additionally we are gearing up to install an overhead bridge crane system. This bridge crane will decrease the amount of heavy lifting required to place the cutting edges and wear parts into the crate.

    Improving Shipping

    As our systems continue to gain popularity our shipping processes continue to improve in order to accommodate the increasing demand while, most importantly, keeping our operators safe. We would rather our employees save their muscle strength for the gym.


    Wesley Crouch

    Winter® Shipping Operator

    Valued team member since 2015

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  • Website Updates

    Website Updates

    Our sales and marketing team have made quite a few revisions to the flow of the website. Our goals are to create a simpler buying experience. We want to educate users with any knowledge on snow removal, and promote smart purchasing in the industry.


    System Icons

    First, we have created and have began implementing icons to represent the predicted effectiveness of each system on various road categories.

    Understanding Icons - Winter Equipment Website Icon Explanation

    These icons are featured with all of our systems to assist customers in quickly identifying which system may be ideal for their particular application. You can find these on catalog listings, product pages, and even literature for our systems.


    Why Winter? Winter Equipment Website Why Winter? Winter Equipment Website

    We also wanted to create an introduction to who Winter Equipment is, and why we've been a leader in the snowplow wear parts industry for years. Here we discuss our PlowGuards, the system concept, and our unrivaled customer service. You can also use the "Schedule a Visit" button to have a territory manager come to you at your convenience.


    Educational Section:

    We have also created three main pages with helpful sub-pages to explain core concepts of wear parts in snow removal, and show what Winter Equipment has done for each of these. At the bottom of each of these pages, we have a navigation element to move you between these concepts:

    What is a Snowplow Blade? - Winter Equipment Website What is a Snowplow Blade?

    What is a Snowplow Blade? This page discusses the core concepts of the snowplow blade and how it interacts with the road. This page also contains a link to an interactive page that shows all of the parts of the snowplow. Here you can also get more information about the more common materials used in the snow removal industry.

    What is a PlowGuard? - Winter Equipment Website What is a PlowGuard?

    What is a PlowGuard? This page defines the PlowGuard and discusses Winter Equipment's involvement in advancing the snow removal industry with the original patent for these. Then it shows some examples of PlowGuards, and shows how you can easily determine which PlowGuards to use when experiencing common wear patterns.

    What is a Snowplow Blade System? - Winter Equipment Website What is a Snowplow Blade System?

    What is a Snowplow Blade System? This page defines our system concept using text and graphics to provide an overview of what this concept is. It then goes into a few of the benefits that go along with purchasing blades this way. There is another button to "Schedule a Visit" similar to the one on the Why Winter? page. Then you can see a list of all of our systems broken down by blade material.

    Find Your System Tool:

    Find Your Snowplow Blade System - Winter Equipment Website Find Your Snowplow Blade System

    Most importantly, the Find Your Snowplow Blade System page is dedicated to determining which system best fits your needs. After answering a series of questions about your snow removal organization, this tool will recommend 2-4 systems that we think would be good for you. Once you've received your recommended systems, you can choose up to 2 to compare, or jump straight to generating your quote.


    The comparison page allows you to plug in multiple systems in order to see how they size up to each other. Some of the attributes we have to compare on are price, reviews, blade information, cutting profile, and more!


    Finally, you are able to take the information you have input previously and generate an online quote. Input as much information as you'd like, as it will all benefit our sales representatives as they try to assist you with your order. After you've input the required information, we will generate you a web quote that you may view right away, as well as on your email.

    All of this information will be sent to a sales representative, and they will email or call you to follow up on this request.



    We greatly appreciate your feedback at Winter Equipment. Please don't hesitate to submit any feedback you have about the website. Thank you for your continued support.

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  • Air Recovery System Removes Harmful Smoke During Welding Snow Plow Blade Products

    Clearing the Air 

    Welding is who we are. Blades, guards... you name it. Our proprietary weld process is what sets us apart in the industry.

    Our specialized welding team practices fusion welding, specifically electric arc; process of applying an electric arc to melt the base and filler metals. The two types of electric arc welding performed at Winter® include:

    • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) Filler metal electrode; flux shield
    • Gas Metal Arc (GMAW/MIG) consumable electrode for filler metal; external gas shield

    Improper safety procedures can lead to harmful effect to the welder and other operators on the production floor. Exposure to welding fumes can cause kidney, lung, and nervous system damage.


    Saul Soria

    Winter® Welder

    A valued team member since 2009

     Winter® has recently installed a new air recovery system that efficiently and effectively removes the harmful smoke and ambers away from the operator. The combination of fume hoods, extractor guns, and vacuum nozzles are placed appropriately (close to the source) to pull the fumes away from the operator as quickly as possible. Exhaust ports are properly located to increase safety for all manufacturing team members.

    The new air recovery system along with proper cleaning procedures, proper machine placement, and appropriate operator positioning make the manufacturing environment safe for everyone on the floor. Moving forward, Winter® will continue to invest in equipment and process that keep employees safe.


    Juan Carlos Morales

    Winter® Welder

    A valued team member since 2007

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  • Combat El Niño and Storm Hazards with Winter Equipment's Snow Plow Blade Products

    El Niño

    "El Niño is a complex and naturally occurring weather pattern that results when ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean near the equator vary from the norm. The phenomenon typically occurs every two to seven years. The 2015-2016 El Niño, however, is being called a "super" El Niño, the worst in 15 years," according to

    How does the El Niño affect the US, you ask?

    Well, because of the havoc it can cause, what we can expect is the unexpected: unpredictable weather patterns, rain storms, droughts, blizzards and other cases of severe weather are likely to occur in different parts of the country.

    Unlike usual patterns in the season, El Niño seems to create higher than usual temperatures in the northern hemisphere of the US and lower than usual temperature in the southern. Currently we are experiencing the affects here in Northeast Ohio with few heavy snowfalls and an increase in temperatures as we enter March.

    So, when will "winter weather" be over for us this year?

    The answer, like any weather prediction, can not be certain. But, from now we should be warming up and be preparing for Spring!

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  • Bikes For Kids

    Bikes for Kids

    The time of year has come again when Winter Equipment works with The Salvation Army to provide bicycles and donations to children and families around Lake County, Ohio. “Santa’s Bikes for Kids” is a fundraiser that was organized by Winter Equipment Owner, Kent Winter. He is heavily involved in charities around the area and this one continues to be a great success. 2015 marks the 7th year of supporting this charity.


    Donations started being accepted in October and to date, we have raised (with the help of employees, vendors, neighbors)  over $7,000.  Winter Equipment also donated 89 bikes and over $1,500 in toys, 13 additional bikes with donated with the help of our vendors.

    These donations go directly to The Salvation Army in Lake County and will be distributed by the Painesville location.

    Checkin it twice- naughty or nice    Photo2  Photo4  Photo6 Photo7  Photo9  Photo11 Photo12

    We look forward to keeping this tradition going and funding such a wonderful charity.

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  • Winter Equipment Attends Trade Shows to Educate on Snow Equipment


    Where can you find Winter Equipment Territory Managers when they aren't traveling from garage to garage? Trade shows of course! As road departments gear up for the winter season, our calendar has become flooded with events from Colorado to the New England states.

    Trade shows are a great way to get in front of the purchasing agents, superintendents, and maintenance crews at once. It's a rare opportunity that provides us the chance to educate an entire operation on the features and benefits of our products.

    2014 Green Bay Roadeo Winners 2014 Green Bay Roadeo Winners

    Snowplow roadeos are increasing in popularity. Operators have the chance to compete against fellow crew members, as well as pros from neighboring municipalities. The competition consists of an obstacle course designed to mimic their routes during the winter months. Tight turns and obstructions are strategically placed throughout the course causing the driver to sweat. The one who can handle the pressure is awarded the trophy, and may go on to compete in the next level.

    Winter Equipment Sponsored the Roadeo in Green Bay, WI Winter Equipment Sponsored the Roadeo in Green Bay, WI

    Where can you find us next? Throughout the next couple of months, we will be exhibiting at several events involving snow and ice removal. Attendees can get hands on, technical advice to decide what blade system is best for their unique fleet. Check out the list below and mark your calendar for the show nearest you.

    October 8th
    APWA Michigan Snowplow Roadeo & Equipment Show
    Norton Shores, MI

    October 8th-9th
    2014 Minnesota Fall Expo
    St. Cloud, MN

    October 15th-17th
    KPPA's 29th Annual Forum & Products Expo
    Louisville, KY

    October 15th
    N.Y.S Highway & Public Works Expo
    Syracuse, NY

    October 18th
    Potter County Association of Township Officials
    Coudersport, PA

    October 26th-28th
    67th Annual Convention of Wisconsin Towns Association
    Stevens Point, WI

    October 15th
    2014 VAGP/CAPA/ Reverse Trade Show
    Chester, VA

    October 22nd-23rd
    29th Annual Regional Local Road Conference
    Brookings, SD

    October 22nd-23rd
    2014 Superintendents and Mechanics Conference and Trade Show
    Mohican, OH

    October 23rd
    Erie County Association of Township Officials Annual Convention
    Edinboro, PA

    October 28th
    2014 Winter Operations Conference
    Gaylord, MI

    November 9th-11th
    Township Officials of Illinois 107th Annual Educational Conference
    Springfield, IL

    November 17th-20th
    99th Annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference
    Atlantic City, NJ

    Bill and Brian working the booth at the New England Public Works Expo Bill and Brian working the booth at the New England Public Works Expo
    2014 Western Snow & Ice Conference in Loveland Colorado. Winter Equipment was a major sponsor of the event. 2014 Western Snow & Ice Conference in Loveland Colorado. Winter Equipment was a major sponsor of the event.
    2014 APWA International in Toronto, Canada 2014 APWA International in Toronto, Canada

    Do you know of a show that's not on our list? Give us a call and let us know! We're always looking for new exhibit opportunities.





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  • New Website & Light-Duty Truck Snow Plow Blade Parts

    We're always looking for ways to improve our ability to solve your problems and we realized the Winter® Equipment website needed some re-engineering. Our new website is easier to navigate, provides information on our DOT, County, City, and Municipal snow and construction wear parts expertise, and features an easy way to shop for our light-duty truck snowplow parts.

    One of our main goals was to make it easier for contractors and private companies who use light-duty trucks to access the same technology and collaborative service approach that we've used to revolutionize the government snow removal industry.

    That's why you can find and buy our Winter® Xtendor® Cutting Edge Blade Systems that fit your Fisher, Meyer, Western, or SnowDogg snowplows. These heavy-duty steel blade systems come with our Xtendor® PlowGuards that are treated with Winter® Carbide Matrix™ to protect your blade and plow ends to save you time and money by reducing blade changes.

    You can also buy the Xtendor® PlowGuards separately to increase the life of your existing blades and every Xtendor® Blade System comes with a free set of Plow Markers.

    Well, enough about what you can buy, we're just excited to offer you these proven solutions on our new site.

    Our business is about you, our customers, and we would love your feedback on what we can do to improve. Whether it's feedback on the new website, things you love (or don't) about our existing solutions, or an idea for a new solution that would help your business, you can easily send us an email here.

    Stay tuned for blog posts sharing our expertise on welding techniques, installation tips, wear part innovation, and more as we grow into our new website. Follow us on Instagram to get a look behind the scenes at Winter® Equipment.




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