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2015 Trade Shows (Part 2)

2015 Trade Shows (Part 2)

Jul 01, 2015/ Comments (0)

Upcoming Trade Shows

July 16th – American Roads Show
Canton, Ohio

July 19th-23rd – AASHTO Maintenance Meeting
Des Moines, Iowa

July 21st-22nd – KYTC Equipment Conference
Location TBD

August 2nd-3rd –Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois Summer Seminar
Peoria, Illinois

August 25th-27th – Indiana Street Commissioners Association
Indianapolis, Indiana

September 9th – Annual Snowplow Roadeo & Equipment Show
Green Bay, Wisconsin

September 10th-11th – West Slope APWA Snow & Ice Conference
Gunnison, Colorado

September 15th-17th – Oregon Skills Demo & Safety Conference
Albany, Oregon

September 15th –18th – Association of Town Superintendents of Highways Conference
Saratoga, New York

September 22nd-24th – WCHA-LDG Annual Road School
Oconomoc, Wisconsin

September 23rd- 25th – New England Public Works Expo
Boxborough, Massachusetts

September 23rd-25th – Winter Maintenance Peer Exchange
Bloomington, Minnesota

September 24th – PA 811
Monroeville, Pennsylvania

September 29th – Snow & Ice Conference
Sharonville, Ohio

We’re always looking to attend more trade shows! If you know of any that you think Winter Equipment would like to go to, let us know! Or if you would like more information on where Winter's booth is located at a show email or for more information.

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A Day of Caring

A Day of Caring

Jun 30, 2015/ Comments (0)

As always, Winter Equipment Company prides itself on its charity work. While every year during the holidays, Winter participates in Santa’s Bikes for Kids, come summertime, it’s good ‘ol fashioned outdoor labor.

This year, Winter volunteered at the Mentor, Ohio Senior Care Center for The United Way Day of Caring. The day started at 7:30am with a welcome breakfast for the sponsors consisting of both Winter Equipment and Chase Bank. During the breakfast, a representative from each company spoke about the importance of giving back and how proud they are of the group of volunteers that came out to help.

Soon thereafter, groups of 4-6 people began to spread out to weed out the flower beds and trim the trees, bushes and shrubs across the property. As time went on, it was very clear that the feeling of helping out was showing on the faces of the men and women.

Shipping Manager Todd Davis said, “It was awesome! I really liked helping out the seniors and getting to spend some time out in the sun doing something good.”

There were no complaints from anyone, who were under the impression it was going to rain that day. The smiles were ear to ear across the board of the twenty-two Winter Equipment employees who volunteered.

Senior Engineer John Wahl said, “The ability to give back to the community I belong to is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Lunch was provided by the Senior Center and was a big hit. Nothing seems to compare to home-style cooking.

Administrative assistant Lisa Sabol was excited about the day, “The MSC took such good care of us while we were there and the place looked awesome when we were done. And I think that helping others was a great team building experience.  The United Way Day of Caring has a huge impact on our community, and I encourage everyone to be a part of it next year!”

Throughout the morning and afternoon, there was a lot of laughter and sunshine, all combined with 44 helping hands that won’t soon forget the experience.

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2015 Trade Shows

2015 Trade Shows

Mar 23, 2015/ Comments (0)

Every year Winter Equipment attends dozens of trade shows to showcase our company’s products to attendees and catch up with our current customers. With the warmer months arriving, trade shows are heating up too.


Take a look at some of the shows we will be attending in the next few months and stop by our booth to say hi!


Upcoming Shows:

March 30th to April 2nd MT— MACRS

April 1st to April 2nd NY – Hard Hats Expo

April 7th WY— WYDOT Conference

April 8th NY – Western New York Equipment Show

April 12th to April 15th MI- APWA Snow Conference

April 19th to April 22nd PA – PSATS

April 21st to April 23rd ID—APWA Rocky Mountain

April 22nd to April 24th CO—Spring Street Conference

April 28th OH- Tuscarawas County Show

May 6th to May 8th IL—APWA IL Chapter Conference

May 7th PA – Somerset County Association of Township Officials

May 13th VT— Snowplow Roadeo

May 14th CT— CASHO

May 15th OH—Solon Snow & Ice Conference

May 19th to May 21st MI— Shanty Creek

May 21st to May 23rd KS –MID America

May 22nd NH—Road Agent Show

Snow Show overhead - Copy

These are only a handful of shows Winter Equipment will be at this year. Check back soon for us to update you on all of our summer and fall shows.

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The Thankless Job

The Thankless Job

Jan 26, 2015/ Comments (0)

It’s snowing and you’re worried about how you’re going to make it to work, school, and your children’s daycare, anywhere. You immediately dread driving on the treacherous roads because it has been snowing quite persistently for a few hours now. You notice the side roads are almost untouched, and the main roads are only decent at best.


“Why can’t the roads just be clear?!” you hear yourself saying out loud, even with no one in the car. The frustration for your safety, your car and your limited time to make the trek to your destination come to a head. You get so mad that you have to forgo sleep just to make it there in a decent amount of time.

So who is really at fault? Do you really think about it, or just get mad in general? Do you think about how long those drivers have been out there? Do you think that the area’s budget affects the quality of blades they run? Do you also think about how the budget might affect how many drivers are out there trying to scoop up all of the snow?

Snowplow drivers are very rarely thanked for what they do. It’s a tedious and stressful job. The hours are unpredictable, the conditions are brutal and they don’t get a break—especially during those blizzards.

And the fatigue. Doing a job so monotonous causes drivers to get extremely tired. Most plows are designed to be quiet, at most a hum. Drivers actually prefer the louder plows to help keep them awake, as long as the noises aren’t super distracting. Imagine driving with a constant soft hum and working for 10 hours straight, possibly with no sleep…just thinking about it makes you want to take a nap.

Drivers usually have quite a few jobs throughout each of the seasons. In the warmer months, they concentrate on construction and road repairs. They are trained in multiple areas of expertise and plowing is known to be the most difficult. We all hate those orange cones during the summer, but it seems we hate snow covered roads even more.

It also doesn’t help the situation that salt prices have skyrocketed lately. Municipalities’ budgets just aren’t what they used to be. This means they rely even heavier on the plows rather than pre-treating and salting because of the cost.

Safety is the key point to all of these drivers. They go through excessive training to become the safest car on the road during these conditions. They pride themselves on this, and always try to get the word out to be cautious of them while they’re plowing. It’s one of the most important aspects to help them to get good results.


So, when you’re out driving on these roads that may not be taken care of to perfection—remember that these guys (and gals!) have been doing their very best with what they have been given. Holidays, middle of the night calls to come in, 10+ hour shifts—nothing stops them from trying to keep you safe.

Winter Equipment Company engineers our cutting edge systems to protect drivers from these hazards like fatigue. For example, our Joma System is an articulated blade system with guards, hardware and instructions to make installs easier and decrease driver fatigue by minimizing vibrations. PennDOT is a huge advocate of this system and a lot of locations continue to use it every time they plow.


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